OCZ launches beefy CPU heatsink

OCZ Vindicator. Source: OCZ.
After launching its first gaming mouse last week, OCZ has returned to more familiar territory by adding a new model to its line of processor heatsinks. The new heatsink is simply named Vindicator, and it sports a design that's quite similar to that of Scythe's massive "Ninja" tower-style heatsink.

Much like the Ninja, the Vindicator is made of a collection of copper heat pipes and vertically-stacked aluminum plates. The cooler measures 110mm x 110mm x 150mm (4.33" x 4.33" x 5.9"), and it can accommodate a side-mounted 120mm fan that spins at up to 1000RPM with a noise rating of just 18.5 dBA. OCZ also boasts that the Vindicator can cool "some CPUs" without the need for a fan at all—although you'll presumably want at least some case airflow. The Vindicator is compatible with AMD sockets 754, 939, and AM2 as well as Intel's LGA775.

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