AMD's R600 delayed until the second quarter

Just a few days ago, we heard rumors that AMD had set a March 30 "hard launch" date for its upcoming R600 graphics processor. However, several sites reported today that the R600's launch has been pushed back until the second quarter. We asked AMD whether there was any truth to these rumors, and the company replied with the following statement:
To better align our strategy with current market opportunities, we've changed the launch plan for R600. We are going to deliver a competitive configuration to market with an extremely attractive combination of performance, features and pricing, targeting a broader market segment in Q2. With the revised strategy, AMD will be better able to capitalize on the broad appeal of 3D graphics and DirectX 10, being driven in part by the growing popularity of Microsoft Windows Vista.
Last week's rumors said the March 30 date would only see the top-of-the-line flavor of the R600 appear, and that a cheaper variant wouldn't follow until about a month later. The mention of a "broader market segment" in AMD's statement could suggest that the company plans to launch the rumored high-end model with one or more cheaper derivatives simultaneously at a later date.
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