Catalyst 7.2 graphics drivers released

AMD has released new Catalyst 7.2 drivers for its lineup of ATI Radeon graphics cards. This new release is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista x86, and Windows Vista x64. In Windows XP, AMD has introduced its new Catalyst Control Center, which already appeared in the Catalyst 7.1 release for Vista last month. The new control panel brings a shorter start-up time, reduced system resource usage, and a new integrated 3D preview. Meanwhile, Vista users with Radeon X1000-series graphics cards will enjoy significant performance improvements in OpenGL games. AMD says the new drivers speed up Doom 3 by as much as 25%, Quake 4 by as much as 48%, and Prey by up to 21%.

Onto bug fixes, AMD says it has fixed a display corruption problem in Doom 3 as well as a number of non-game related issues—some of them related to the Catalyst Control Center—in Windows Vista. Bug fixes in Windows XP also cover Battlefield 2, Desperados 2, and Splinter Cell Double Agent. Complete release notes for the new Catalyst 7.2 drivers are available here.

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