45nm Intel chips to come this year after all?

Last month, we heard rumors that Intel had made changes to its roadmap and wouldn't introduce 45nm processors until the first quarter of 2008. DailyTech then chimed in to suggest that Intel had never really intended to have 45nm chips available this year in the first place—only to begin early shipments before the end of the year.

However, the same site now says it has word directly from Intel's Server Platform Group General Manager, Kirk Skaugen, that the 45nm launch has been pulled forward and that 45nm Intel server chips will now be available late this year. Skaugen told the site, "We were originally in the Q1'08 timeframe. Today I'm happy to announce to report for the first time that our server 45nm Xeon products based on the Penryn core will be available into production for the second half of 2007." For reference, AMD still expects to introduce its 65nm quad-core "Barcelona" processors in the middle of this year.

Update: DailyTech tells us the "delay" it discussed last month was related to desktop 45nm chips and stresses that Skaugen's statement is about server products only.

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