Ageia has big plans for PhysX

In an interview with Chile Hardware, Ageia CEO Manju Hedge has disclosed a number of rather interesting plans his company has for PhysX. Hedge suggests that PhysX will mimic some capabilities of today's latest graphics cards, including the ability to run general-purpose tasks and to run two cards in parallel. The company even intends to release a software development kit like Nvidia's CUDA to let programmers write general-purpose applications that take advantage of PhysX.

As for the threat from GPU-accelerated physics solutions by both AMD and Nvidia, Hedge says he isn't worried because those solutions will force users to pick between graphics quality and physics. However, he goes on to say that Ageia has been in talks with AMD, Nvidia, Intel, and "other partners" regarding the possibility of integrating PhysX in other devices. (Thanks to X-bit labs for the tip.)

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