Cheap G80 derivative to make it to AGP?

Nvidia will not abandon AGP users even with its upcoming budget DirectX 10 graphics cards, according to The Inquirer. The site has heard that Nvidia is cooking up an AGP version of one of its G80 derivatives, the G84. This GPU is expected to be introduced under the GeForce 8600 moniker for PCI Express, but The Inq says Nvidia will offer an AGP variant, as well. Such an arrangement would mimic that of the current GeForce 7600 line, which includes both GeForce 7600 GT and GeForce 7600 GS models for AGP. That similarity is no surprise, The Inq suggests, because the G84 will be pin-compatible with Nvidia's GeForce 7600 and GeForce 6600 designs. Pricing for this purported AGP GeForce 8600 will supposedly hover around the €100 mark in Europe, which would likely imply a $100 price tag in the U.S.
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