Cisco and Apple resolve iPhone trademark dispute

The battle between Cisco and Apple for custody of the iPhone trademark has come to an end less than a month and a half after Cisco filed its initial lawsuit. The two companies agreed to extend negotiation time earlier this month, and they now say they have settled the trademark infringement lawsuit. According to CNet, Cisco and Apple have come to an agreement whereby both companies are allowed to use the iPhone trademark. The companies also intend to “explore opportunities for interoperability” in security and communications. However, neither company seems to have revealed any specifics about what those opportunities might be—or what financial incentives Apple might have offered to change Cisco’s mind.

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    • melvz90
    • 13 years ago

    HAHA.. CISCO just got bullied by Apple.. CISCO could have milked for more money!!! LOSER!

    • rythex
    • 13 years ago

    And Cisco probably scored some nice contracts out of Apple to provide networking equipment out of this also..

    • Decelerate
    • 13 years ago

    My current impression -based on what’s written- is that whatever financial incentive, if any, Apple paid out to Cisco, it’s less than what they asked for on iPhone day.

    I’m assuming that Cisco would be gloating about it if there was any, and I don’t think Apple can hide it since they will have a quarterly statement before the phone’s release. Also, Cisco’s the one giving out an extension, as I’m sure that Apple was ready for court; I guess it was a bluff and Apple called it.

    Right now it seems that what they agreed on is for Cisco to “hang out with the cool kids” as Gizmodo put it.

      • radioactive21
      • 13 years ago

      I disagree, I think that Apple, specifically Steve Jobs came to his senses and realized Cisco would have gone to court. If Steve Jobs had Cisco cornered why did he accept an agreement? Why not just really give it to Cisco and take them to the bank? Get the name all to himself? Because Steve Jobs was just blowing hot air.

      Cisco would have won if this had panned out in court, Steve Jobs’ bluff didn’t work. One reason why I believe Jobs did not want this going to court was the way everything cooled down immediately following the announcement. At first Jobs was throwing every little dirty thing out about Cisco but it didn’t work, no one cared. You can see this by the immediate drop in stock prices. People did not feel confident in Apple going against Cisco.

      The extension to me was more of Cisco saying that’s it if that day comes and goes without any agreement the war is on. Notice how after Cisco set the deadline Apple began to turn soft and increased negotiations with Cisco. Cisco could have chosen to say nothing and it would probably still be dragging on right now.

      Cisco is a bigger company then people give them credit for. They weren’t going to get humiliated.

      Apple has more to lose if they went to court and lost. That means they would have to give their phone a new name. Which would ruin their hype machine. Cisco before all this, not many people even knew they owned the name, let alone a product that uses it.

        • Decelerate
        • 13 years ago

        I don’t see it that way. The stock going down was due to the option scandal in the first place. Second, Jobs doesn’t really care about the stock price in the short term -aside from gloating about it.

        Another thing is, neither of them are Joe Sixpacks. Apple knows full well before hand how big Cisco is and vice-versa. Add to the fact that Apple was practically in a win-win scenario. Name it iPhone or ApplePhone, the public would have called it the iPhone no matter what. It’s not like Cisco was about to pump fakes China-style. Cisco had nothing specific to win by going to court, and the timing wasn’t in Apple’s favour (legal proceedings don’t last a mere 3 months in the corporate world).

        ie: both wanted to avoid a legal headache. If they go to court, both stocks would’ve tumbled.

        Imo Cisco greatly reduced the financial payout, or even took it away altogether. Apple probably cashed it in to avoid the delayed trial process and fees. Cisco probably won in undisclosed deals (Apple buying Cisco solutions or whatnot), but I highly doubt Apple payed out anything unilaterally that even remotely ressembles the 100Mil they poured to shut up Creative’s nagging.

        Besides, they’re both public companies. If they had a financial settlement going into the millions, we would have found out eventually, and imo someone at Cisco would have gloated about it to its investors.

        How subjective can you get with “explore opportunities for interoperability”?

    • Snake
    • 13 years ago

    Wow, big surprise :sarcasm:

    “Interoperability”? How about Cisco makes an r[

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