Poll: What is your notebook's screen size?

For our new poll this week, we've opted to quiz the notebook users among us about screen size. Laptops with 15.4" and even 17" displays are becoming increasingly affordable nowadays, but some users nevertheless choose to sacrifice display size for the sake of portability. Others, meanwhile, use their notebook largely as a spare system and have an older model with a smaller display than today's offerings. So, just what screen size does your notebook have? Feel free to head over to our poll and vote to let us know.

Last week, we asked how many PCI cards you had in your main PC. Interestingly, 22% of you have no PCI cards at all, and 39% have only one. The remaining 39% is split up between users with two PCI cards (24% of the total), users with three cards (11%), and users with four or more cards, which represent a paltry 5% of those who voted.

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