Users call for Dell to offer Linux-based PCs

Dell is pondering the addition of Linux to its operating system choices because of significant user interest manifested on its Idea Storm website, according to an article on Yahoo News. Michael Dell put up the Idea Storm site last Friday as a platform to let users share ideas and feedback, and users quickly began to suggest that the company offer Linux-based PCs. Suggestions are ranked by votes, and the Linux suggestion is the top one right now with almost 70,000 votes. The second most popular suggestion with around 42,000 votes says Dell should offer on its machines as an alternative to Microsoft Works and Microsoft Office.

A Dell spokeswoman is quoted by Yahoo News as saying company executives and department heads have been "paying closest attention to the ideas winning the most votes." She adds that Dell's leading staff have heard the suggestions "loud and clear" and plan to announce how they intend to react on the Idea Storm site later this week. However, she goes on to say, "Just because an idea is number one or number two doesn't necessarily mean Dell will do it, but it does mean it will receive the highest level of attention."

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