OCZ adds heat pipes to memory

Reaper HPC memory. Source: OCZ.
After introducing memory modules with vertical heatsinks and support for liquid cooling late last year, OCZ has now made the jump to heat pipes with new "Reaper HPC Edition" modules.

These Reaper HPC, or Reaper Heat Pipe Conduit, sticks have standard heat spreaders connected to tiny heatsinks above the module via copper heat pipes. OCZ doesn't quote any temperature numbers that might reveal how efficient this cooling method is. Nonetheless, the Reaper HPC modules are rated for operation at 1066MHz with 5-5-5-15 timings, and OCZ covers them under its lifetime warranty at voltage settings of up to 2.4V. The modules are only coming out with 1GB densities as individual 1GB sticks or 2GB kits, though. Users looking for higher densities will have to look at slightly less fancy 2GB modules, like those in the low-latency 4GB kits Kingston introduced yesterday.

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