— 2:24 AM on September 16, 2000


  • SysOpt's AMD 64-bit K8 platform preview
  • "The State of Benchmarking" post at JC's BBS
  • GamePC's technology guide: DDR-SDRAM
  • PlanetHardware's Pentium III overclocking guide
  • 3dfx Gamers' exclusive ECTS interview with Scott Sellers
  • Gamecenter has exclusive Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance screenshots
  • FTC report on "marketing violent entertainment to children" (movies, music, and games)
  • CNN reports: Kansas woman killed by deer raised as pet
MP3 report

  • Tech-Review shows how to make MP3's
  • Reviewnews looks at Taruva MP3 CD player
  • PCinsight reviews S3 Rio 500 MP3 player

  • Active-Hardware's review of ECS K7VZM socket A
  • Active-Hardware reviews Chaintech CT-7AJA socket A
  • HardwareCentral reviews Abit KT7 socket A
  • Gamers Depot's review of MSI K7T Pro socket A
  • Sharky Extreme reviews FIC AZ11 socket A

  • Video RAM caching guide from Adrian's Rojak Pot
  • UpsideToday reports on the battle for faster graphics
  • reviews AOpen PA 256 GF2 with OpenBIOS
  • Chaintech Desperado RI90 GF2 review at Digit-Life
  • FiringSquad reviews Matrox Millenium G450
  • ViaHardware reviews Inno3D GeForce 2 MX PCI
  • HotHardware reviews ELSA Gladiac GeForce 2 GTS 64mb
  • Guru3D reviews Abit Siluro GF2 64mb
  • PC Critix does Leadtek vs. Visiontek: GeForce 2 MX

  • Futurelooks' SBLive! unleashed part 2
  • Tom's Hardware's MPEG-4: copying a DVD video to CD-ROM
  • Tech Extreme reviews Videologic DigiTheatre DTS 5.1 sound system
  • Neoseeker's 10X CD-RW shootout: Sony Spressa vs. HP 9310i
  • SysReview reviews 3Com Home Connect USB video camera

In your dreams


  • GamePC's Quantum Atlas 10K II vs. Seagate Cheetah X-15
  • Dans Data reviews PC Chips Book PC - deluxe version
  • Tech Extreme's Ericsson BlueTooth interview
  • OCComputing test SMC Barricade router
  • littlewhitedog reviews Tweeking Device2 GFD
  • 3D Spotlight's MS Flight Simulator 2000 tweak guide
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