Deal of the week: 50% off Antec's Sonata II

We're not fond of mail-in rebate deals here at TR, but the offer we've spotted today is rather exceptional. Newegg is offering a $50 mail-in rebate on Antec's Sonata II case and power supply bundle. Since the Sonata II costs $99.99, the rebate effectively cuts the bundle's price in half. We reviewed the Sonata II's predecessor, the original Sonata, back in 2004 and we were impressed by its mix of low noise levels, stylish design, and of course a quality bundled power supply. The Sonata II is quite similar, but it sports a 450W dual-rail power supply and an internal duct to channel airflow inside the case, among other design tweaks. We've been recommending the Sonata II in our system guides for a while and we have yet to hear any complaints, so for what's effectively $49.99, this deal is certainly worth a look. Be warned that the rebate is only valid for cases purchased today, though.
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