BitTorrent readies new legal downloads site

Later today, BitTorrent will unveil a new site dubbed the BitTorrent Entertainment Network that will make more than 5,000 movies, TV shows, songs, and game titles available as legal downloads for users of BitTorrent software. As CNet reports, movies will be available only as 30-day rentals at $3.99 a pop for new releases and $2.99 for older films. TV shows as well as music videos will be available on a pay-to-own basis for $1.99 each. Some of the movie studios that have signed up to make their content available via BitTorrent include 20th Century Fox, Lions Gate, MGM, and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

Unsurprisingly, the content will come tightly wrapped with digital rights management protection. However, BitTorrent president Ashwin Navin says users looking for a DRM-free solution shouldn't despair. "Our partners require DRM protection for their titles. They are being cautious with a new distribution model. As the demand goes up, our partners will probably explore DRM-free options," Navin told CNet.

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