AMD to further open CrossFire support?

Currently, only AMD and Intel 965/975-series chipsets support CrossFire multi-GPU configurations with ATI graphics cards. However, HKEPC says AMD is planning to further open CrossFire so that the technology can work with any motherboard that has dual PCI Express x16 slots. This so-called "Open Multi-GPU Chipset Platform" initiative could bring CrossFire support to motherboards with Nvidia, SiS, and VIA chipsets. HKEPC's sources say the market share of AMD's multi-GPU solution is currently lagging behind that of Nvidia, so the rumored move could help tip the odds for AMD. Not only that, but if it succeeds, this "Open Multi-GPU Chipset Platform" initiative could push Nvidia to open up SLI to other chipset vendors, as well. That said, HKEPC doesn't mention any kind of time frame for the move, and there's no telling whether Nvidia would even allow CrossFire setups to run with its chipsets.
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