Vista Ultimate support only lasts five years

Users who purchase the Ultimate edition of Windows Vista may think they're getting the best of both worlds: all the features from the Business and Home Premium editions plus some extra goodies to boot. As it turns out, however, Vista Ultimate's $399 price tag doesn't get you one of the main perks of Vista Business. Joe Wilcox over at Microsoft Watch has discovered that Microsoft only covers Vista Ultimate under its mainstream support phase, which lasts five years. By contrast, the $299 Business edition of Vista is covered under the extended support phase, adding up to a 10-year coverage time.

That said, Microsoft states that Vista Ultimate mainstream support ends on October 4, 2012, meaning users who purchased Vista Ultimate on launch day will actually get around five years and eight months of coverage. Nevertheless, that time period may be a little short for businesses or schools that go with Vista Ultimate instead of Vista Business for the extra features.

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