TR Forum Tidings: Wireless mice

In our stroll around the forums today, we've spotted a thread by gerbil regular Dai about wireless mice. Dai has a computer in his bedroom, and he's looking for a wireless mouse with a decent enough range to let him control his ATI All-In-Wonder 9800 Pro's TV capture functionality from his bed, about six feet away. Other gerbils have suggested a variety of different choices, and the thread has turned into a repository of general wireless mouse recommendations of sorts. Current suggestions include Logitech offerings such as the VX Revolution, MX900, and G7, as well as Microsoft offerings like the Wireless Laser Mouse 5000.

Do you use a wireless mouse, and if so, what's your pointing device of choice? Do you prefer models with charging cradles, battery packs, or good old NiMH batteries? Feel free to sign up for a forum account and hit Dai's thread to give your input.

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