Sony: PS3 shipments on track, shortages to ease

The PlayStation 3 ranked below Nintendo's Wii and Microsoft's Xbox 360 in sales last month, but Sony says it is nonetheless on track to ship two million of the consoles in North America by the end of March. However, the company doesn't see shortages of the console easing for another couple of months. "April or May is when we feel like we're going to catch up to demand and have product fully in stock across North America and stay there," Sony Computer Entertainment America Chief Executive Jack Tretton told Reuters.

When asked by the news agency about reports of unsold PS3s sitting around in some retail stores, Tretton added that the console was still out of stock in some areas three months after launch, and that Sony's goal "is not to have empty shelves." According to Tretton, Sony is in "pretty good shape" to achieve its goal of shipping two million consoles before the end of next month.

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