AMD says it will keep making Intel chipsets

In an interview with DigiTimes, AMD's Worldwide Infrastructure Partnerships sales and marketing VP Jochen Polster made a couple of rather interesting statements about AMD's chipset and platform plans. When asked whether AMD plans to keep making core logic chipsets for Intel processors, as ATI did before AMD acquired it, Jochen asserts, "AMD will not abandon or limit any opportunity to cooperate with others and the company will still continue developing chipsets for Intel platforms. Our goal is not to amass a huge market share, but to obtain a reasonable share."

Jochen also contradicts speculation that AMD plans to introduce a notebook platform similar to Intel's Centrino in order to better compete in the mobile market. "There is no such plan. In fact, a Centrino-like platform is not a very good strategy for AMD. If we limit our business partners to develop along the lines of a platform we set, then all PC products will eventually develop into similar solutions, which in the end would lead to a price war and minimize profits for all our partners." According to Jochen, AMD believes in an open platform that allows its business partners to "build and develop products that build on their strengths."

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