Free, web-based Photoshop coming within six months

As Google attempts to chip away at Microsoft’s Office market share with web-based applications, Adobe has decided not to wait for a potential competitor to give it the same treatment. According to a report by CNet, Adobe plans to introduce a free, web-based version of its popular Photoshop software in the next three to six months.

Adobe already intends to roll out a web-based video editing application on Photobucket, an image and video hosting service, later this month. Unlike Google’s word processing, spreadsheet, and calendar applications, this video editing tool—dubbed Remix—will be based on Adobe’s Flash technology. Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen tells CNet that Remix lays the foundation for a hosted Photoshop product, which would suggest that the web-based version of Photoshop might be Flash-based, as well. Chizen says Remix and the future web-based Photoshop are also “part of a larger move toward integrating hosted services into the company’s product mix.”

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