Poll: Have you made the jump to Vista yet?

Four weeks have now passed since the launch of Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system, and many users—including me—have already made the jump. In our new poll this week, we're trying to find out how many early adopters there are among us. Perhaps you're already running the new OS, or maybe you're just waiting for early imperfections and potentially poor driver support to be ironed out before ditching Windows XP. Some of you might be more reluctant altogether and find no good reason to upgrade—at least for the time being. Whatever your stance may be, feel free to head over to the poll and vote to let us know about it.

Our previous poll was about laptop screen sizes. Interestingly, the majority of notebook owners among us seem to have a 14" or 15.4" laptop. Out of the 74% of voters who own a notebook, 65% have one with a 14-15.4" display, compared to 16% of users with a 12-13.3" notebook, and 15% with a 17-19" model. The remaining 4% is split evenly between users who have notebooks with displays smaller than 12" and those with monster notebooks that have displays larger than 19".

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