R600 demos at CeBit to be kept to a bare minimum

Last month, AMD announced that it had postponed the launch of its ATI R600 graphics processor until the second quarter. According to DigiTimes, this delay will impact the company's plans for the CeBit trade show that is taking place later this month. The site has learned that AMD's card manufacturing partners were planning to show live demos of R600 graphics cards and systems at the show, but those demos have now almost all been canceled. In their stead, AMD will reportedly authorize just a handful of partners to showcase AMD-provided demo systems behind closed doors. Other partners, meanwhile, will have to make do with showing off old products or new versions of old products.

DigiTimes says some AMD partners are afraid R600-free show booths at CeBit might turn off long-time ATI customers and reduce both confidence in the brand and, ultimately, sales of all ATI-branded hardware. Nevertheless, some partners are keeping hope, and DigiTimes adds that there is now an increasing amount of speculation that AMD will unveil a complete, "top-to-bottom" DirectX 10 lineup in the second quarter.

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