Nvidia releases 101.41 ForceWare for Vista

As promised last week, Nvidia has released a new set of beta graphics drivers for Windows Vista. The new 101.41 ForceWare drivers can be downloaded here for 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and here for Vista x64.

Among a host of general improvements, these drivers bring SLI multi-GPU support to GeForce 6- and GeForce 7-series graphics cards at long last. Also improved is performance in OpenGL games and performance of Nvidia SLI setups running at high resolutions. The Nvidia control panel is still fairly incomplete and lacks many of the features found in its Windows XP counterpart, but Nvidia has nevertheless added video overlay controls so users can tweak video color settings and image quality. As for bug fixes, there are too many to enumerate here. Nvidia has a complete list in the release notes for the new drivers. The fixes apply to issues ranging from LCD flat panel scaling and TV output problems to bugs in Call of Duty 2, Madden 2007, and Quake 4.

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