AMD's external PCIe graphics solution pictured

Shortly after the PCI Special Interest Group completed the PCI Express External Cabling 1.0 specification, we heard rumors that AMD was prepping an external PCIe-based graphics solution for notebooks. AMD hasn't announced anything of the sort, but Hexus has come upon a picture of what looks like an external ATI graphics card prototype. The prototype, which is reportedly dubbed "Lasso", looks basically like a lone PCI Express x16 slot on a circuit board with a pair of external PCIe cables and a 4-pin Molex cable poking out. The final product will presumably be enclosed, though, and Hexus says it will be able to house multiple graphics cards—a "CrossFire on a stick" setup of sorts. Assuming a beefy enough cooling and power delivery system, the setup could presumably allow notebook or small-form-factor PC users to game with a pair of R600 graphics cards.
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