Real-time radiosity coming to the Xbox 360

Games as far back as the original Quake have been using radiosity algorithms to calculate static "lightmaps" to light levels, but now a company called Geomerics plans to show off a real-time version of the same technology at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week. According to Team Xbox, Geomerics will demonstrate its real-time radiosity technology, called Enlighten, on Microsoft's Xbox 360 console at the conference. Geomeric says Enlighten runs on "commodity graphics processing hardware" and can provide effects like fully dynamic lighting, indirect lighting, soft shadows, high dynamic range lighting, and more, all in real time. The company doesn't go into much detail about how the technology works on its website, but it does nevertheless mention that Enlighten can achieve frame rates of up to 100 FPS on "common graphics hardware." Some screenshots and a video showing off a scene with global illumination and all kinds of fancy lighting effects are available here. (Thanks to Beyond3D for the tip.)
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