AMD confirms simultaneous DirectX 10 launch

Ever since AMD postponed the release of its R600 graphics processor, various sites have been speculating that the company introduced the delay so it could launch its high-end and mainstream DirectX 10 parts simultaneously. Last week, DigiTimes even reported that there was an increasing amount of speculation among its Taiwanese sources that this was the case. Well, as it turns out, AMD quietly confirmed those speculations in an interview with ExtremeTech the day before:
"We pushed out the launch of the R600 and people thought is must be a silicon or software problem…it's got to be a bug," said Dave Orton, [Executive VP, Visual and Media Businesses, AMD]. "In fact, our mainstream chips are in 65nm and are coming out extremely fast. Because of that configuration, we have an interesting opportunity to come to market with a broader range of products," he explained.

"Instead of having them separate, we thought, lets line that up, so we delayed for several weeks," Orton continued, referring to the R600 family as a whole, which AMD now says will come out at the same time (a matter of weeks as opposed to months, according to [AMD Executive VP and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Henri Richard]) instead of just the high-end version.

AMD also told ExtremeTech that the R600 will be dubbed Radeon X2900 and that it will be available in three flavors with XTX, XT, and XL suffixes. (Thanks to X-bit labs for the tip.)
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