TSMC kicks off 65nm eDRAM production for Nvidia

A couple of months ago, we heard reports that Nvidia was working on a next-generation handheld game console for Sony. As evidence, the reports cited the fact that Nvidia was recruiting embedded DRAM design engineers—eDRAM technology has never been used by Nvidia, but it is present in both Sony's PSP and PlayStation 2.

EE Times now says Taiwanese foundry TSMC has rolled out its first batch of 65nm chips with embedded DRAM for Nvidia. According to EE Times, TSMC's 65nm embedded DRAM process is targeted at applications "such as game consoles, high-end networking, digital consumer, and multimedia processors" and Nvidia intends to use the process "for its latest mobile GPU." TSMC's 65nm eDRAM has a cell size less than a quarter that of similar SRAM and supports macro densities of 4Mbit (0.5MB) to 256Mbits (32MB). For reference, Sony's PSP includes 8MB of eDRAM in its processor, 2MB of eDRAM in one of its graphics cores, and another 2MB in its media engine.

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