Pentium 4 previews

NVIDIA Detonator comparisons

  • Benchpage's 3DMark2000 comparison with NVIDIA detonators (including 6.26)
  • VR-Zone benchmarks Detonator 6.26, 6.20, and 6.18
  • Guru3D puts the Detonator 6.26 driver to the test

  • Review Zone's i815e motherboard shootout
  • Asus K7V to K7V-T conversion (Thunderbird support) on AMDZone's forums
  • Abit KT7-RAID voltage modification
  • Inside Hardware's Asus A7V boot-up guide
  • VIAHardware reviews MSI K7T Master w/onboard U160SCSI and FireWire
  • beddoestech reviews MSI K7T Pro
  • Club Overclocker reviews MSI K7T Pro
  • ExtremeHW's better late than never MSI K7 Pro Slot A review
  • ApusHardware reviews Abit KT7

  • Sharky Extreme reviews ATI Radeon 32mb
  • Technoyard reviews Matrox G450
  • FiringSquad reviews Abit Siluro GF2 64mb
  • PC Hardware reviews Abit Siluro GF2 64mb
  • Digit-Life reviews Inno3D Tornado GF2 MX
  • TweakTown reviews Mellenger video card cooling kit

  • Raven's Jake Simpson on the state of gaming hardware at GameSpy
  • The Game.Ars report: new and upcoming games to look for
Value systems' guide


  • the Duke of URL reviews Helix Code GNOME 1.2
  • Tweak3D's Cable/DSL tweak guide updated
  • Tweak3D's mini-sound tweak guide
  • Window Kit installation guide at VH
  • Electic Tech reviews D-Link DSC-350 digital camera
  • beddoestech's C++ tutorial part I
  • Athlon.oC destroys GFDs
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