TR Forum Tidings: RIAA lawsuits

For this week's forum tidings post, we've chosen a thread by sorara22 about everyone's favorite trade group, the RIAAA. sorara22 says his school, Ohio University, has been hit in the RIAA's latest round of "pre-lawsuit letters." The RIAA has asked the university to hand over the names of 50 allegedly copyright-infringing students of its own volition. Once the RIAA has the names, the students will receive letters letting them know that they are being sued for copyright infringement, and that they can pay a "discounted" settlement to avoid going to court.

As one might expect, sorara22's thread has sparked a heated debate about the ethicality of the RIAA's practices and copyright infringement in general. Where do you stand on the issue? Have you had a brush with the RIAA yourself, or do you know anyone who has? If you have something to contribute, feel free to register a forum account if you haven't already done so and hit sorara22's thread.

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