DFI dishes plans for new motherboards

One of our agents is loose in California, and he's scored some information on DFI's upcoming motherboard lineup. DFI says it will have a LANParty board based on Nvidia's nForce 680i chipset out by the end of the month, but interestingly, they're not planning a board based on the mid-range 650i chipset. Intel's P965 chipset won't get the LANParty treatment, either, although an Infinity series board based on the P965 is in the works. DFI has also reserved resources for future LGA775 boards based on former ATI chipsets now offered by AMD. We actually have the company's RD600-based LANParty ICFX3200-T2R/G in-house for testing; expect a full review soon.

Interestingly, we've learned that DFI will be building a second LANParty board based on Nvidia's nForce 680i chipset. This board is being crafted specifically for a gaming rig that will be sold by OEM giant HP, and the system may even carry LANParty branding.

We also asked DFI whether they consider Nvidia to be a direct competitor now that the chipset maker is building complete motherboards for resale by its partners. According to DFI, "that's not really competition because our boards are and will be much better." That may very well be the case, but even if DFI's LANParty 680i motherboard makes it out by the end of the month, it will have lagged the release of boards from Nvidia's reference design partners by more than four months.

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