Google job posting cements phone rumors

The rumor mill has been grinding harder than ever about a purported Google Phone lately. Last week, a venture capitalist stated on his blog that that he had inside info about the device. The Google Phone, he said, would be Blackberry-like, C++- (and possibly Linux)-based, and it would feature optimized Java support, VoIP capabilities, and a vector-based presentation engine courtesy of Skia—a fresh Google acquisition. He added that Google was attempting to cut distribution deals with multiple carriers by offering to taking on subscription and marketing costs itself. The venture capitalist's statements tied in with a number of previous reports, including a purported picture of the Google Phone that leaked out in January and rumors that Google has been in talks with Orange, a European mobile phone operator.

Google has now put up a job posting on its site that contains references to wireless communications systems. The posting, which is for an analog designer/engineer, contains the following paragraph:

Google organizes information and makes it accessible and useful. To improve accessibility, Google is experimenting with a few wireless communications systems including some completely novel concepts. We are building a small team of top-notch Logic Designers and Analog Designers aimed at nothing less than making the entire world's information accessible from anywhere for free. Are you in?
Some sites, including InfoWorld, believe this posting is further evidence that Google is hard at work on a communication device of its own. Google has yet to confirm or deny these rumors, but as a senior analyst for Strategy Analytics tells InfoWorld, "In the wake of Apple and some other big-name brands moving into the handset business, why not Google?"
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