Poll: What is your case made of?

We've decided to inquire about your preferences in the area of cases for this week's poll. Computer cases aren't a particularly glamorous subject—not unless you're dealing with outlandish mods and windowed models with more lights than a Christmas tree, anyway—but there's nonetheless a major split in the world of chassis makers. Some go with thick and heavy steel construction, while others prefer to build pricier offerings with lighter aluminum panels. So what's your case made of? Steel, aluminum, or another material altogether? Feel free to hit our poll and vote to let us know.

In last week's poll, we tried to get a feel for the percentage of early Vista adopters among you. As it turns out, only 16% of voters have made the jump yet, although another 27% either plan to upgrade soon or are waiting for the operating system (and driver support) to mature a little. That said, the majority of voters won't be using Vista anytime soon: 43% say they have no reason to upgrade yet, 9% say they'll never upgrade, and 5% are apparently either die-hard Linux users or maybe a bit clueless.

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