Company develops mind control system for games

In a few decades, game control systems have gone from a single button with a joystick to the Wii's motion-sensing, position-sensing "nunchuck" controller. As Gamasutra reports, a company called Emotiv is now promising to do away with controllers altogether and allow gamers to control games with their mind. Emotiv, which is headed by ex-Microsoft VP of game publishing Ed Fries, has reportedly developed a headset much like a bicycle helmet that can "detect dozens of thoughts and emotions and correspond them to specific in-game actions." Gamasutra says games designed with the Emotiv Development Kit can distinguish between thought commands for pushing, pulling, and spinning objects—virtual telekinesis of sorts. The games would also be able to analyze a player's facial expressions—presumably via a webcam—and to measure emotional states.

Emotiv intends to make the so-called "Project Epoc" headset available commercially in 2008, although it hasn't revealed a price range for the device. The company also plans to release variations of the device for use in sectors like medicine, security, and accessibility design. (Thanks to DailyTech for the tip.)

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