Deal of the week: a sub-$100 Athlon 64 X2

We've had Athlon 64 X2s in quite a few of our deal posts lately, and with good reason. AMD's frequent price cuts have allowed a good number of the company's dual-core chips to undercut Intel's Core 2 Duos, creating some rather nice deal opportunities for users who need a good budget system. AMD's new 65nm Athlon 64 X2 3600+ is now available for just $95 with free shipping on Newegg—$7 below AMD's recommended price, and $5 below the magic $100 mark. The chip comes in a full retail package and sports all the same features (including hardware virtualization and DDR2-800 memory support) as its big brothers, although its clock speed is a more modest 1.9GHz. Nevertheless, some users seem to have no trouble overclocking the 3600+ by nearly a full gigahertz—definitely not bad for a chip that costs less than most good ATX motherboards.
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