iPod-sized hard drives to hit 1TB by 2014

While speaking with Seagate representatives at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, an editor for ExtremeTech has learned that the company expects to be able to make 1.8" hard drives with 1TB capacities by 2014. After telling the editor that pocket-sized hard drives had already reached 120GB and that their capacity was increasing at the rate of 40% per year, one of the reps said in an e-mail, "[a Seagate slide] shows a 2.5-inch drive (the ones used in laptops) reaching 1TB by 2013. Using that calculation and assuming 40% growth stays as the annual growth rate, a 1.8-inch (the ones used in PMPs like video iPods) would reach 1TB by 2014." The reps also revealed that Seagate is talking about the possibility of making 1" hard drives with 100GB capacities by 2011 or 2013. Today, Seagate's biggest 1" hard drive has a capacity of only 12GB.
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