AMD adds 690G mobos to platform program

Barely a couple of weeks after introducing its 690G chipset, AMD has added four 690G-based motherboards to its AMD Validated Solution (AVS) platform validation program. AMD kicked off the AVS program in October last year with four Socket AM2 motherboards, for which the company said it would directly provide validation, testing, and after-sales service and support. The addition of four 690G-based mobos to the program now brings AMD one step closer to being on equal footing with Intel in the motherboard department: while it's not building the boards itself—the four models in question are made by Asus, ECS, MSI, and Gigabyte—AMD is providing core logic chipsets, validation, and support. AVS support includes a telephone hotline, a motherboard return service, and access to a "Solution Provider Support" website.
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