OCZ announces 1.01kW GameXStream PSU

After expanding its GameXStram power supply lineup with an 850W model in November last year, OCZ has now struck again. This time, the company has introduced a model with a power rating of over a kilowatt—1010W, to be precise. Despite its monster power rating, the new unit shares the same characteristics as OCZ's other GameXStream power supplies. Namely, it features quadruple +12V rails, active power factor correction, 80% efficiency, cooling via a single 120mm fan, and Nvidia SLI certification. Unfortunately, the unit also shares the GameXStream lineup's three-year warranty, which may be a little short for some—especially with competitors and even OCZ itself offering five-year warranties on some of their power supplies. Nonetheless, the 1.01kW GameXStream might be a welcome choice for users with unusually power-hungry systems who are looking for quiet and efficient PSU.
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