Intel to build 90nm fab in China

The Chinese government has given Intel the go-ahead to build a $2.5 billion fab in northern China, according to a report by EE Times. The fab will make 12-inch wafers based on 90nm process technology, and it will be used to produce processors and chipsets. The National Development and Reform Commission, which is reportedly China's top planning group, expects the plant to produce 52,000 wafers a month at full capacity. EE Times learned little else about the upcoming plant, but Intel is expected to make an announcement some time in the next few weeks. That said, Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy told the site, "We have announced no plans and will not comment on speculation of this nature."

EE Times says that the U.S. government currently restricts the export of advanced manufacturing techniques, and that Intel should be restricted from using anything below 180nm process technology in China. If Intel does build a 90nm Chinese fab, that could suggest that the U.S. government is loosening its export policy.

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