TR Forum Tidings: Power supply noise

In our hunt around the TR forums this week, we've stumbled upon this thread by gerbil newcomer QuitSmokin. QuitSmokin has a problem with whining noises from his power supplies, and he's asking for tips on either reducing noise or selecting a quieter PSU. He says he's tried two Corsair HX520 units—which are built by SeaSonic—and a 600W CoolerMaster, and that they all emitted a high-pitched noise. According to TR regular Flying Fox, the problem doesn't seem to be so much fan noise as inductor whine. Vrock suggests that super gluing the coils can quell the noise, although naturally, opening up a power supply to do so might not be entirely safe.

Have you ever had a similar problem with a power supply—or any other component, for that matter—and if so, have you managed to get rid of it? Which power supplies do you think are the quietest? If you have something to contribute, feel free to hop over to QuitSmokin's thread and share your thoughts. If you don't already have a forums account, feel free to register one first.

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