More solid-state drives coming from Super Talent

Super Talent SSD. Source: Super Talent.
Super Talent has announced a brand new batch of solid-state drives aimed at handheld devices, notebooks, and even desktop PCs. The lineup includes seven drives in total: two 1.8" models with 16GB and 32GB capacities, three 2.5" models with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities, and two 3.5" models with capacities of 64GB and 128GB. All seven SSDs have Serial ATA interfaces, and Super Talent says the drives have comparable sequential transfer speeds and—naturally—much faster access speeds than conventional hard drives.

The company doesn't quote any hard numbers, but it claims the new drives offer "twice the data throughput at half the cost per gigabyte" compared to the first SSD it introduced last year. We tested that drive ourselves last summer, and our HD Tach tests showed respective read and write speeds of 13.7MB/s and 6.3MB/s. The highest-capacity 16GB flavor also cost $530, or $33 per gigabyte. That means Super Talent's new 64GB 2.5" SSD might have read/write speeds of around 27MB/s/13MB/s and a price tag around the $1,000 mark. We may know for sure in April, which is when Super Talent plans to release the new SSDs.

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