Nvidia announces IGP chipsets for AMD, Intel chips

On the eve of the CeBIT trade show, Nvidia has announced new integrated graphics chipsets for both AMD and Intel processors. Nvidia has dubbed the integrated graphics component in those chipsets the GeForce 7050, and it calls the chip a "motherboard GPU", or mGPU for short. According to the company, requirements for an "mGPU" include DirectX 9.0 with Shader Model 2.0 support, at least one digital video connector (DVI or HDMI) with HDCP content protection, multi-display support, a dedicated video processing engine, and a Windows Experience Index rating of 3.0 or higher.

Nvidia says it expects to introduce a GeForce 7050 and nForce 630a chipset combo for AMD processors next month. It will follow up with a GeForce 7050 and nForce 630i combo with support for Intel's dual-core and quad-core Core 2 chips some time this summer. Both offerings will have HDMI video output support.

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