Hardware makers rally behind DTX case standard

After announcing its DTX small-form-factor case and motherboard standard in January and releasing a review copy of the DTX specification in February, AMD has now announced that the new standard is receiving strong support from the industry. AMD says a number of companies including Akasa, Albatron, ASUS, Asetek, Compucase, ECS, Founder, FSP, Gigabyte, Hedy, NVIDIA, Shuttle, SilverStone Technology, Thermaltake, and Tongfang have all expressed their support for DTX. The companies reportedly intend to "develop and bring innovative solutions to market"—solutions based on DTX, presumably, although AMD doesn't reveal any details in its press release. Nonetheless, as it said last month, AMD is still encouraging companies to contribute to the final DTX spec. The draft DTX specification is available for download from AMD's DTXPC.org website here.
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