Asus sound cards spotted at CeBIT

The folks at VR-Zone came upon something rather unusual during their visit at the CeBIT trade show: Asus sound cards. Apparently, the motherboard maker is about to jump into the sound card market with a pair of products dubbed Xonar D2 and Xonar D2K. The Xonar D2 is PCI-based, while the Xonar D2K sports a PCI Express x1 connector. According to VR-Zone, both sound cards are outfitted with a vendor-exclusive audio chipset from Analog Devices, a.k.a. ADI, the company behind the SoundMax integrated audio codec. The Xonar boards' audio chip may pack a little more punch than a run-of-the-mill onboard audio codec, though, because both boards seem to sport a fan—a rather unusual attribute for a sound card, even a high-end gaming-oriented one.

VR-Zone's picture is a little blurry, but according to the feature list displayed next to the card, the Xonar D2K supports high-definition 24-bit/192KHz audio, Dolby Digital Live and DTS encoding, and Dolby Headphone and Dolby Virtual Speaker support. The site also says the sound card has SNR ratings of 116dB for both playback and recording.

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