news commodore is back with a vengeance

Commodore is back with a vengeance

A company called Commodore Gaming has announced a line of gaming PCs marked with the iconic Commodore brand. Commodore Gaming is a joint venture stemming from an €18 million ($23.7 million) partnership deal between Commodore International and The Content Factory that was finalized in June last year. The resulting joint venture, of which Commodore International owns 49%, now aims to re-establish the Commodore brand by competing with the likes of Alienware and VodooPC in the high-end pre-built gaming PC market.

Commodore Gaming’s lineup will become available in April and include Commodore G, Commodore GS, Commodore GX, and Commodore XX systems, all outfitted with Intel Core 2 processors, Asus nForce SLI motherboards, Nvidia graphics cards, and high-end Corsair memory. According to, all machines will come with 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and feature an “Ice Cube” cooling component with independently-controlled LEDs. The systems will also come pre-installed with a C64 emulator and more than 50 classic Commodore games. On the outside, the machines will have cases painted with a “C-Skin” featuring the customer’s choice of street art, game art, photographs, landscapes, and other images.