New Intel chipsets to launch at CeBIT

According to a report by DigiTimes, Intel plans to launch its next-gen “Bearlake” series chipsets at the CeBIT show, which has started today and will end on Wednesday, March 21. DigiTimes says the chipsets will introduce support for DDR3 memory as well as Intel’s upcoming 45nm dual-core and quad-core processors, which are said to be code-named Wolfdale and Yorkfield, respectively.

DigiTimes says the successor to Intel’s existing P965 Express chipset will be called the P35, and that it will support front-side bus speeds of 1333MHz and DDR3 memory speeds of 1066MHz. (As a side note, DDR3 RAM will only need 1.5V of voltage to run at 1066MHz, compared to the standard 1.8V for DDR2-800.) The P35 chipset will also have backwards-compatibility support for DDR2 RAM, which should allow motherboard makers to restrict DDR3 support to their high-end P35 boards. Several motherboard manufacturers, including ECS, are already displaying P35 motherboards at the show. The first retail P35 mobos will hit stores in April or May, DigiTimes says.

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