• Lost Circuits does CAS2 memory roundup at 150 Mhz
  • From WinInformant: MS prepping Office 2000 SP2
  • BoomGames puts AT&T wireless under microscope
  • 3DActionPlanet looks at the Serious Sam engine
  • The Developer's Gallery's OpenGL page
  • [H]ard|OCP reviews hot HSF units
  • t-break reviews Microsoft WinMe
Processors and systems

  • OS X on Intel: try to convince Apple to bring its new OS to Intel platforms
  • CPU Central does high end K6-2 processors and overclocking
  • Tech Extreme looks at Intel StrongARM
  • SystemLogic's Gen-X Tech PIII overclocking combo review
  • C|Net Gamecenter's system recommendations
  • CPUReview reveals how to kill an Athlon

  • Saltire System examines AGP 4x on Via boards
  • 2CPU review MSI 694D Pro-A/MS-StarForce 815
  • Tom's Hardware tests socket A motherboards
  • PlanetHardware reviews Abit KT7 socket A
  • Sharky Extreme reviews Asus A7V
  • Hardware Pub reviews FIC AZ11

  • FS does video card shootout with Duron 1 GHz
  • PCRoddin reviews ATI Radeon 32mb
  • CGO's NVIDIA GeForce 2 Ultra preview
  • Fast Graphics does GF2 GTS and MX roundup
  • GamePC reviews Asus v7700 GF2
  • Chick's Hardware looks at Videologic's Vivid! (Kyro) graphics card
  • OCAddiction reviews GeForce 2 MX reference card

  • Tom's Hardware reviews Quantum Atlas 10K II
  • Ars Technica details the basics of NTFS 1.1
  • iXBT Labs looks at ATA-100 RAID controllers


  • AnandTech reviews Abit SP50 home theater speakers@ AU10 sound card
  • Neoseeker reviews Boston Acoustics BA4800
  • SysReview looks at 3Com HomeConnect USB video
  • Dans Data reviews Samsung SyncMaster 753DF 17"
  • HardwareCentral reviews Aiptek HyperPen 5000
  • CPU-bURN's Cue: C.A.T. review
MP3 report

  • ExtremeHW reviews MPTrip Discman CD MP3 player
  • Technoyard reviews Creative Nomad Jukebox
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