PlayStation 3s to start folding on March 23

All the way back in August of last year, Stanford University announced that it had partnered up with Sony to port its [email protected] distributed computing software to the PlayStation 3 console. The folks at Joystiq have now learned that a [email protected] client for the PlayStation 3 will finally come out next week, on March 23. The client will harness the console’s Cell Broadband Engine processor, leaving the integrated Nvidia G70-based “RSX” graphics processor to display folding in real time with high dynamic range lighting and other graphical goodies. A map of other PS3 users currently running the client will be displayed in the background, and according to Joystiq, users will even be able to manipulate the 3D view of simulated proteins using the PlayStation 3’s controller.

So what’s the point of folding on a console? Well, an article by the San Jose Mercury News states that if 10,000 PS3 users—just 1% of those who own the console in North America—run the software, it will double the amount of computing power the project currently receives worldwide. If you happen to own a PlayStation 3 and feel like, er, joining the fold next week, feel free to join team 2630 to fold for TR!

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