Poll: Is your mouse wired or wireless?

We've just put up a new poll, and this time we're asking our trusty readers about their pointing device of choice. Wireless mice have become more and more responsive these days, and many users (including myself) have taken to using them almost exclusively. However, other users—particularly gamers—say they can still feel a difference and prefer to use wired mice because of their lower weight and/or apparently higher responsiveness. So which camp do you belong to? Is there one less cable on your desk, or are you happy to stay tethered? Feel free to head over to our poll and let us know!

In last week's poll, we inquired about the primary material out of which your case is built. Surprisingly, more TR readers seem to have aluminum cases than steel cases. According to the poll results, 46% of voters said they had an aluminum case, compared to 42% who said they had a steel case. A notable minority (3%) is made up of users with good old-fashioned wicker cases, while 4% of users have a case made out of some other material, and 6% don't know what their case is made from.

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