Tyan launches AMD-based 'personal supercomputer'

TyanPSC T-500. Source: Tyan.
After introducing its first quad-core Intel Xeon-based "personal supercomputer" back in November of last year, Tyan has come back for more with a model that features AMD's latest Opteron 2200-series processors. This new model, which Tyan calls the TyanPSC T-500 "personal super workstation", packs as many as ten dual-core Opteron 2200 processors (for a total of 20 cores) and as much as 80GB of DDR2 memory, all spread out over four compute nodes and a fifth head node. The head node also sports a PCI Express x16 slot, which can accommodate a high-end graphics card. For reference, the T-650QX system Tyan introduced last year supports ten quad-core Xeon chips (40 cores total) and a total 60GB of RAM, also spread out over five compute nodes.

Tyan says the new TyanPSC T-500 plugs into a standard wall outlet, although it does draw a maximum 1.4kW of power. As for noise levels, Tyan claims a "whisper quiet" 52dB. The machine is launching now with general availability set for next month. Pricing for the T-500 will start under $20,000, although speedier processors and larger amounts of memory are likely push the system's price above that.

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