R600 graphics processors to be 65nm?

AMD stated earlier this month that its mainstream R600-based graphics processors would be based on 65nm process technology. Now, The Inquirer says it has word from several high-ranking AMD executives that high-end R600 GPUs will also be built on a 65nm process. The site says the R600 was originally designed for an 80nm node, but that 80nm R600 GPUs were "bleeding current like a slaughtered pig." AMD is said to have opted to scrap the 80nm R600 altogether and to move to the 65nm node. That may very well be the reason behind the company's decision to postpone the R600's release until the second quarter, even though AMD claims the launch schedule was adjusted to allow both mainstream and high-end R600-based cards to debut simultaneously. Nonetheless, The Inq says R600 mass production will be 65nm, and that the final chip will be able to reach core clock speeds of 1GHz "or even more."
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