DTX motherboard spotted at CeBIT

While running around the halls of the ongoing CeBIT expo in Hannover, Germany, the guys over at VR-Zone have snapped a couple of shots of a motherboard based on AMD's recently-announced DTX form factor. AMD announced the standard just over three months ago and released a review copy of the DTX specification last month. The spec still isn't complete, and AMD is calling for other hardware makers to participate in finalizing the standard, but there are apparently prototype boards floating around.

The mobo snapped by VR-Zone uses the full DTX form factor (as opposed to a smaller Mini-DTX form factor that's also in the draft spec), and it looks more or less like a slightly truncated MicroATX motherboard. It has one PCI slot, what might be a concealed PCI Express slot, a standard AM2 socket, two DIMM slots, and a handful of Serial ATA ports. AMD hasn't set a date for the release of the first DTX motherboards, but the company recently boasted that DTX had received backing from a number of manufacturers including Albatron, Asus, ECS, Gigabyte, Nvidia, and Shuttle.

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